C3: “Maybe This Time”

“Buzzing of a serious truth in you.” Sara Bruner, Director “Maybe this time, I’ll be luckyMaybe this time, he’ll stayMaybe this timeFor the first timeLove won’t hurry awayHe will hold me fastI’ll be home at last.Everybody loves a winnerSo nobody loved me‘Lady Peaceful, ‘ ‘Lady Happy, ‘That’s what [she] long[s] to be.” “A musical is […]

C2: Cabaret’s First Sing Read-Through

“There was a Cabaret and there was a Master of Ceremonies and there was a city called Berlin in a country called Germany and it was the end of the world.” Clifford Bradshaw, Cabaret On November 5, the cast of Arizona’s Theatre Company’s production of Cabaret performed a full sing and read-through for a small […]

C1: “Don’t Tell Mama”

“It takes a team to bring collective art to life by working together on the same creativity and the same narrative.” Brian Jerome Peterson ztz”l, previous sound designer at Arizona Theatre Company You ever walk into a room, were hit with overwhelming energy, and you instantly wanted to be a part of it? That was […]

SS4: The Importance of Perspective

“Religion and science are Truth on opposite sides of the same coin.” Yosef Lopez I just recently watched a TED talk by a Certified Psychopath Finder who met with scientologist Tony at Broadmoor, a psychiatric clinic in Berkshire, England. Tony had faked madness to prevent a 5-year prison sentence, but had been stuck in Broadmoor […]

SS1: Stars In The Universe

“You’ve been the brightest object in my day and we work with stars.” Peter Shaw, Silent Sky Lauren Gunderson’s Silent Sky is a play about Henrietta Leavitt between the years of 1900-1920. Her work at the Harvard Observatory distances her from family, romance, a chance for a normal life, and she becomes a real “computer”. […]

About “Silent Sky”

By LAUREN GUNDERSONDirected by CASEY STANGL A celebration of discovery, originality, and curiosity. For the last three seasons, playwright Lauren Gunderson has proudly sat on the list of most-produced playwrights in the country. Arizona Theatre Company proudly brings this brilliant and prolific author’s work to the professional stage in Arizona for the first time. Based on […]

TR6: The Real Thing

“Go sharp, stay sharp.” Wynton, The Royale Edwin, Roberto, Peter, Erica, and Bechir. All of these incredible actors have turned into a cohesive family, and welcomed me as part part of the ATC team so respectfully and so lovingly. This has been such an amazing experience for me, and I am so sad that this […]

TR5: Preview Two

“This ain’t about what side of town we grew up in, how we look, how we sound. It’s about how we fight.” – Jay “The Sport” Jackson Pow! “And now, the fight you came for.”  Jab!  “We’re making music, boy.”  Breathe!  “See the world changing around you.”  Punch!  Your Negro Heavyweight Champion, Jay “The Sport” Jackson, dreams of making change in a […]

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