C6: First Preview!

Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome! Cabaret is the best show in Arizona, and I got to see its first preview tonight!Get excited about Arizona Theatre Company’s production with a live orchestra, a surprisingly relevant plot, a fantastically dramatic cast, and brilliant MAZEL!Tucson: 11/30/19 – 12/29/19Phoenix: 01/04/20 – 01/26/20 Madison Micucci (Sally Bowles) and Sean Patrick Doyle (Emcee) […]

C5a: Sean Patrick’s Day to Shine!

“It is so different to enjoy a show with a cast of five versus 15.” Cohort Kathleen Phillips discussing about Cabaret versus ATC’s past two plays The rehearsal started with a review of Cabaret‘s fascinating and abrupt opening number “Willkommen”. During my last rehearsal, Sara Bruner offered the cast her expectations of their performance: everyone […]

About the Musical

The iconic musical Cabaret follows American author Cliff Bradshaw and his encounter with cabaret performer Sally Bowles and the seedy world of the Kit Kat Klub, presided over by the enigmatic Emcee. When Sally is fired by the club’s owner, also her jealous boyfriend, she moves in with Cliff and the two fall in love. […]

C4: Chaos

“I like this whole town. It’s so tawdry and terrible and everyone’s having such a great time. Like a bunch of kids playing in their room – getting wilder and wilder — and knowing any minute their parents are going to come home.” Clifford Bradshaw, Cabaret I-10 I had the opportunity to see Act I […]

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