C1: “Don’t Tell Mama”

“It takes a team to bring collective art to life by working together on the same creativity and the same narrative.”

Brian Jerome Peterson ztz”l, previous sound designer at Arizona Theatre Company

You ever walk into a room, were hit with overwhelming energy, and you instantly wanted to be a part of it?

That was the room I walked into – ATC’s rehearsal room with a huge cast and excited artists! The director Sara Bruner impresses me with her energy and her vision. She is simultaneously a leader and a collaborator as she said, “I am open to questions and I don’t want there to be a hierarchy”. She is a BOSS!

I am so excited for this show! The Jewish month of Tishrei just completed, and I am so thankful for this opportunity to be more involved. Every artist and designer that has been collectively working on this project for months now is focused on their vision and their role in this production. They want to be consumed with the project and be absorbed by it. Everyone – choreographer, musical director, stage manager, etc. – are all energetic, full of passion, and open to suggestions.

This musical is more than just itself, more than just a statement. It is meant to evolve. The evolution will be observed by its team and felt by the artists through each individual flavor.

Willkommen! And bienvenue! Welcome!

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