SS3: Window to What?

“We can know exactly where we are.”

Henrietta Leavitt, Silent Sky

Tonight, I had the opportunity to see the third preview of ATC’s Silent Sky, and Friday night is the production’s Opening Night! I haven’t been able to any recent rehearsals, because of all of Jewish holidays this month. I was so thrilled to see Thursday night’s preview and to see how the show has evolved since I last saw it a couple of weeks ago. The show will be in Tucson from 10/25-11/9 and in Phoenix from 11/14-12/1.

ATC’s crew did an excellent job! The costumes were beautiful, historic, and feminine. The lighting used chandeliers in the work room place and warm spotlight in the home on stage right. The scene changes were quiet and great! The music is a swelling and emotive symphony. The projections are inventive and a window to the sky and to our universe. Before I went back to my seat after intermission, I ran into the composer and the projection designer! Wow, you have to, at least, see the final scene’s projections of the stars and our universe…I can’t even start to describe…breath-taking. The composer said that, “it is a team effort!”

Each actor uses a different acting style. I knew that Veronika Duerr who plays main character Henrietta Leavitt acted as a assistant director during rehearsals and I can see the director Casey Stangl in Duerr’s blocking and character development; robotic and disappointing. Her eyes, expression, and movement were lifeless but not like the “computer” that she was supposed to be. Victoria “Tori” Grace who played sister Margaret Leavitt was delightful and reminds me of author Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women‘s Beth. She has a beautiful, lyrical singing voice. Henrietta’s colleagues Williamina Fleming and Annie Cannon are played by Amelia White and Inger Tudor, and they worked as a comedic team like Timon and Pumbaa. White was all energy and perfect comedic timing. Tudor’s performance made my hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Unfortunately, the entire ensemble were so different from each other and worked as an independent actor that they didn’t know how to work as a harmonious ensemble.

I learned new things about the show’s meaning. It’s a feminine statement. That space and time are are close but far apart. That we are all a picture of the universe, of the future, of the human’s legacy.

Finally, everything is connected: the stars, music, poetry, love, and relationships. How special!

P.S. I am showcased in the program!! On the Cohort Club page, it says, “Here is what some of our Cycle 1 cohorts are saying about the rehearsal process for our production of The Royale“, and then my blog is quoted. See it below!

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