C4: Chaos

“I like this whole town. It’s so tawdry and terrible and everyone’s having such a great time. Like a bunch of kids playing in their room – getting wilder and wilder — and knowing any minute their parents are going to come home.” Clifford Bradshaw, Cabaret I-10 I had the opportunity to see Act I […]

C1: “Don’t Tell Mama”

“It takes a team to bring collective art to life by working together on the same creativity and the same narrative.” Brian Jerome Peterson ztz”l, previous sound designer at Arizona Theatre Company You ever walk into a room, were hit with overwhelming energy, and you instantly wanted to be a part of it? That was […]

SS1: Stars In The Universe

“You’ve been the brightest object in my day and we work with stars.” Peter Shaw, Silent Sky Lauren Gunderson’s Silent Sky is a play about Henrietta Leavitt between the years of 1900-1920. Her work at the Harvard Observatory distances her from family, romance, a chance for a normal life, and she becomes a real “computer”. […]

TR6: The Real Thing

“Go sharp, stay sharp.” Wynton, The Royale Edwin, Roberto, Peter, Erica, and Bechir. All of these incredible actors have turned into a cohesive family, and welcomed me as part part of the ATC team so respectfully and so lovingly. This has been such an amazing experience for me, and I am so sad that this […]

TR1: “Day One of the Revolution”

“But when you go into that ring, son, you go alone.” – Wynton, The Royale Jay “The Sport” Jackson dreams of being the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, but this is the beginning of the 1900’s where our characters live in a Jim Crow reality. His dream is good as knocked out until a […]

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