C2: Cabaret’s First Sing Read-Through

“There was a Cabaret and there was a Master of Ceremonies and there was a city called Berlin in a country called Germany and it was the end of the world.”

Clifford Bradshaw, Cabaret

On November 5, the cast of Arizona’s Theatre Company’s production of Cabaret performed a full sing and read-through for a small audience of maybe thirty people that included the directors, designers, managers, ATC employees, and cohorts. My first impression is that I want to participate with this show as much as I possibly can, especially now that the Hebrew month of Tishrei had completed. With my health issues (i.e. my epilepsy), I am unable to drive to rehearsals and I can’t spend many hours without getting physically too exhausted. Madison Micucci who plays Sally Bowles and Sean Patrick Doyle who plays the Emcee will inevitably steal the show with their impeccable talents and entrancing performances.

I need to write to the AZ Jewish post. Cabaret takes place in pre-World War II in Germany with an emerging Nazi political society, which is so relevant to our Jewish community. In Act II, German Jewry identity is so problematic. As a Jew, I am so afraid, because Jews couldn’t love passionately, live simply, protect others in Berlin. As Cliff says to Sally, “If you’re not against all this, then you’re for it. Or you might as well be,” and Sally replies, “You mean – politics? But what has that to do with us?” As Doyle noticed during the cast check-in with the director Sara Bruner, each character experiences different stages of denial, and this will be an “opportunity [to see how] humans process the same information” whether it’s with collective apathy or individual self-destruction. Sally perceives “life [as] a cabaret”; she lives in an ignorance, optimism, and a comfort outside from the Nazi-inflicted society, and as Cliff says, “It can’t be anymore!” It was fun, but now the party is over.

As director Sara Bruner beautifully said to her cast, “We have life and we have art. What came first? They reflect each other.” Wow, you got to see Cabaret!

Tucson: 12/6 – 12/29

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