C8: Third Time’s a Charm!

I had a remarkable dream on Sunday night. My mother Lori and I had the opportunity to meet with the director, choreographer, conductor, and cast of ATC’s production of Cabaret, and they all knew me; it felt so real!

Because it was! That’s the life of being a cohort :).

Director Sara Bruner. Choreographer Jaclyn Miller. Accompanist and conductor Mike R. Padilla. Sean Patrick Doyle plays Emcee. Madison Micucci plays Sally Bowles. Alex Caldwell (Lulu), Brandon Espinoza (Cliff), Spence Ford (Helga), Lisa Kuhnen (Victor), Xander Mason (Bobby), Shaun-Avery Williams (Texas, dance captain), D. Scott Withers (Ernst Ludwig), etc. Lisa, Alex, and Sean Patrick exited the stage door, and all said that they were so happy to see me again. When Madison exited, I Told her that she was divine as Sally Bowles in Tucson and in Phoenix and how I cried when I didn’t get to say goodbye to her in Tucson.

My mom LOVED it. She said that it was the best version of Cabaret that she has ever seen! Just because it was a preview didn’t mean that all of the artists wouldn’t give yet another marvelous performance.   With great cheers and applause and a “break a leg”, I say auf wiedersehn to my Cabaret…for now.
Life is a Cabaret!

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