C4: Chaos

“I like this whole town. It’s so tawdry and terrible and everyone’s having such a great time. Like a bunch of kids playing in their room – getting wilder and wilder — and knowing any minute their parents are going to come home.”

Clifford Bradshaw, Cabaret I-10

I had the opportunity to see Act I of ATC’s Cabaret in its entirety with all of its transitions. Observing the characters, the actors, the script itself, the set changes, the movement, the choreography, the scene transitions, and how the businesses work (i.e. the Kit Kat Club and the motel), CHAOS is the best word for me to describe Act I. However, I happened to recognize the order within the chaos.

Director Sara Bruner desires more wildness, more individuality, more trashiness, as she advocates for her cast to, “Come as you are…make sure you capitalize on your individuality” from the beginning of the show as they “Wilkommen” their audiences with “slam dunks” of energy. She wants them to stay active with rigor and keen recognition of what is going on. Sara is fun and serious with her cast, manager, and other directors (I keep hearing her voice in my head predetermining “no hierarchy” in her rehearsals from the first Meet & Greet). She is a visionary, detail-oriented, vulnerable, and realistic.

OMG the best part of the rehearsal tonight was when I sat on a bench outside of the theatre, and my two favorite actors just literally stood in front of me saying their goodbyes to each other. After getting over my primary fear, I announced my admiration to Sean Patrick Doyle (Emcee) and Madison Micucci (Sally), and they are so excited to see me at future rehearsals! Let’s just say, I was completely star-studded 🙂

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